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Stuffed pepper/Chile relleno

Stuffed pepper/Chile relleno

Our good friends Alejandra and Esmirna (from Tijuana, Mexico) cooked us up some stuffed peppers the other day. They were…ummm ummm delicious. It’s hard to come up with some ingredientes here like chiles poblanos, cilantro, chipotle, etc. but they sure did a good job! Ándale!

Nuestras buenas amigas Alejandra y Esmirna (de Tijuana, México) cocinaron unos ricos chiles rellenos el otro día. Eran…mmmm, mmmm ricos! Cuesta hallar algunos ingredientes para la cocina mexicana…i.e. chiles poblanos, cilantro, chipotle, etc. pero hicieron un intento estupendo! Ándale!

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