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Cardo Santo…Mexican Pricklypoppy

Cardo Santo…Mexican Pricklypoppy

Here is a flower you will see quite a bit right right now in Nicaragua, in April and May, before the barren fields are plowed and planted.  It’s called Mexican Pricklypoppy.  It has medicinal properties to reduce fever, cure ulcers and even help asthma.

Aquí está una flor que se mira bastante ahorita en Nicaragua, en Abril y Mayo, antes que los campos se siembren.  Se llama Cardo Santo.  Tiene propiedades medicinales: reducir la fiebre, curar úlceras y amortiguar el asma.


  1. what parts are traditionaly used,i hear all?
    not sure.Ive got the leafs but do you know if the root of this plant is commonly used.
    I know you cant recommend mediclly but
    any recommended messurements,gram wize.traditional amounts.

  2. Do you know what parts of this plant are used traditionaly,I hear all? not sure.
    Do you know if the root is commenly used from this herb Ive got the leaf.
    I know you cant recommend medically,
    but can you recommend amounts to use,gram wize,in traditional culture.


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